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Podcast #20 Subaru Life with Leo and The Great Alaskan Packrafting Adventure

If the above link doesn't work you can also find the podcast by CLICKING HERE

You can also find the podcast on SPOTIFY HERE

In this episode of the Vanning Ain't No Joke Podcast we talk with Leo who I first met at the paragliding park in Salt Lake City. He was so stoked on the van and showed me his Subaru he was living in.

I ran into him again at another paragliding launch in Wyoming where we sat down to do this podcast and I found out about this crazy Alaskan journey he took where he hitchhiked a ride on a bush plane and then proceeded to try to packrat for 150 miles.

Leo is almost through medical school where he plans to be a dr that can go into rural towns and help the people.

Enjoy this episode of the Vanning Ain't No Joke Podcast.

Follow Leo's journey on instagram @ginjaninja907


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