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Vanning Ain't No Joke Magazine Issue #1

After 4 years of living in a van, many people have told me they live in vans because of me or that I have changed their lives. That’s where this magazine comes from. I thought to myself. If I could change peoples lives just from living my own life and show it on Instagram then how can I do this on a bigger scale? Not only do I have tons of stories and information to share but I know lots of people who also do.

I called my brother Neal Eisler and my buddy Andrew Martyn and asked them if they wanted to start a van life magazine with me. We could change peoples lives I told them. After getting them on board, we got to work to make something we could be proud of...something that could not only change peoples lives but change peoples mindsets. I am really excited to share this first issue with everyone and can’t wait to share future issues we haven’t written yet. 

Here's the direct link to the magazine:

Feel free to share and remember, Vanning Ain't No Joke!


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