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VANJ Podcast #7: Baby On Board with Nessy the Westy

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In this episode we talk with Nessy the Westy about living in a 83 1/2 VW Vanagon with a 1 year old baby.

Nessy the Westy comprises of 3 humans and a dog. 2 grown humans with their one year old daughter.

Their names are Chris, Brittini, lil girl Eleanor and the dog Buddy.

The day this was recorded was a special day because it was lil girl Eleanor's 1st birthday ever and they were headed to Disneyland to celebrate.

We first ran into these awesome humans in Oregon at Descend on Bend and it's always good to run into people in different states.

Follow them and their journey on instagram @nessythewesty

Check out all our episodes here.

Email if you have any questions for the show or topics you want discussed.



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