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VANJ Podcast #5: Reflecting on Descend On Bend with The Van Kookz, Charco Travels, and Free Tired

So we went to Descend on Bend, it ended and a lot of the full time van lifers went to Smith Rock to rock climb. We kept the van circle going way past Descend on Bend. It was crazy. One person would leave and another would show up. What an awesome thing we had going on. Getting more people outside doing awesome stuff. Plus just hanging out with the van community is always a good time.

In this episode we have myself @freedomthevanbulance, @vandrewmartiandude the alien, @vankookz the kookiest of all van dwellers, @charcotravels the baby of the group and @freetired because it's like being retired but he still works but he's free so freetired.

Well if you listened our podcast you'd know most of us besides Thomas @charcotravels enjoyed our time at Descend on Bend but we are really excited to go to the Rubber Tramp Rendevous and see what that's all about. Look for the Vanning Ain't No Joke Crew and the Van Kookz crew with the killer shade set ups!!!

Check out the Van Kookz Dani and Kevin's Youtube and Van tour

Check out Steve @freetired's amazing build here

Check out Thomas @charcotravels van tour here

Also here are links to our past podcasts.....



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