• Lee Eel Eisler

Transitioning from House Life to Van Life: VANJ Podcast #1

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Why don't you start a podcast?!?! People have been asking me why I don't start a podcast or telling me that I should start a podcast for awhile now. I haven't really had any interest to do so until the other day. 

Me and my brother sat down and recorded a podcast episode. There is no editing whatsoever in this. It is raw.

I have no clue what I'm doing so let me know your thoughts.

Shoot an email to... vanningaintnojoke@gmail.com with any questions about van life you might want answered in future episodes. - Lee Eel Eisler

I wrote a post a while back so you could see what was going through my head when I choose Van Life: https://www.vanningaintnojoke.com/blog/why-did-i-choose-to-live-in-a-van

It's funny. My brother likes to copy me...First Van Life and now blog posts haha. But, he did write an awesome one on how Van Life gave him a new lease on life. Check it out! https://www.vanningaintnojoke.com/blog/how-i-got-a-new-lease-on-life