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Find Me At The Tiny House Jamboree.

Van Life is awesome. I think just minimalism in general is a really awesome thing for people to practice. Having less stuff allows you experience life more. That's why I'm headed to the Tiny House Jamboree. Not only does living with less allow you to experience more but it is good for our planet that we all share!

I want to meet like minded people and share the joy of living with less.

Not only will I be at the Tiny House Jamboree but I will have Freedom The Van on display in the DIY village.

Also I will be helping run the Van Life discussion group on Saturday from 3pm - 3:45pm so you can catch me there. Hopefully in the AC for a bit....Texas is gonna be gnarly in August for living in a van!!!

That's one of the reasons I tell people Vanning Ain't No Joke. At the end of the day it's a choice between comfort and freedom. Living in a van is definitely not as comfortable as living in a house whether full size or tiny. It's also not as comfortable as a rv or bus but I can go way more places than an RV or bus ever could. Anyways remember that Vanning Ain't No Joke and I'll see you at the Jam!


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