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Deadlines Suck! Van Life Rules! We Chose The Van Life. Magazine Coming Soon!

So we had this plan where we decided that we would make this magazine every two months right. Well we decided that deadlines suck and we will make magazine issues as we can. We are working on the second issue of the magazine and it is coming out at some point soon.

This month or I guess last month has been crazy! We went to an event Descend On Bend and met tons of awesome people who we then went rock climbing with. I bought a new home (a 4x4 ambulance) and I gave my old home away. We have been figuring out our power situations which has been making it hard to get stuff done....also the cold. The night have been getting below freezing which has been rough. Getting towards warmer weather and getting stuff done. Currently we are in Reno where I'm painting a truck and then heading down the 395 towards the Las Vegas area.

While we are working on the second issue check out the youtube channel where we have added new videos...

Also check out our podcast

Check out the first issue of our magazine!


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