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Davenport Beach, Davenport, California

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Davenport Beach is not only beautiful, but also a premier sea glass collecting spot. I didn't find anything significant here. I found a lot of small common pieces but this is where people risk their lives to find highly prized art sea glass

Story has it the San Vicente river overflooded in the 1970's. The Lundberg Art Glass studio is located next to the river and when it overflooded it took all their scrap art glass which was located behind the art studio down the river. Now it is being washed up tumbled from the ocean and people are finding really unique and cool pieces of seaglass to this day!

I had better luck at the next beach over, Shark Fin Cove but mostly only found common sea glass and some little pieces of art sea glass. 

Also if you walk on the beach there is a river that exits at the other end of the beach as well which has a cool little path going up to some abandoned train tracks. if you follow the train tracks you will arrive at Shark Fin Cove

Cool part about Davenport Beach is it seems to be totally dog friendly. Lots of people brought their dogs down their and there are no signs regarding dogs. I was able to let Wander off the leash and throw his ball right on the beach. There is a garbage can in the parking lot, don't leave your trash on the beach.

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