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Calico Ghost Town San Bernandino, California

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Calico Ghost Town

A ghost town is a town that has few or no remaining residents. The Calico ghost town was a former mining town located in San Bernandino county. It is not far outside of Barstow.

Calico has been around since 1881 and over 500 silver mines were being dug in the area. The actual history of Calico is fairly interesting. This stop felt like a major tourist trap though. 

Walter Knott who had worked the mines of Calico came back and purchased the town and began restoring it. Today all the building that stand are open as shops of various types. The town was loaded with tourists. If you ignore all the tourists and shops trying to take your money the $8 admission fee isn't bad and it is dog friendly. It is interesting to see how people there lived and it is a nice spot to walk around.

Also there is an old silver mine you can walk through for an additional $3 which I did and enjoyed. In fact that mine was one of my main reasons for wanting to visit Calico.

Overall Calico is extremely family and dog friendly. There are also campsites and rv hookups available for an extra fee. I enjoyed my visit but if I didn't have time to visit I wouldn't feel like I missed out on much and I saved a little money. 

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“Vanning Ain’t No Joke.” This is all my friend Brad Parker said to me after showing him photos of this 1978 Dodge Tradesman 200 I was going to buy to live in. I had no idea what this meant at the time. I had no idea what I was doing. That little saying stuck in my head. I didn’t know why he had said that originally but I sure do now. Living in a van forces you outside your comfort zone. You are constantly learning and growing. You are always facing problems you have to overcome. You are always moving, always going...

Vanning definitely Ain’t No Joke!!!


After 4 years of living in a van, many people have told me they live in vans because of me or that I have changed their lives. That’s where this magazine comes from. I thought to myself. If I could change peoples lives just from living my own life and show it on Instagram then how can I do this on a bigger scale? Not only do I have tons of stories and information to share but I know lots of people who also do. 


I called my brother Neal Eisler and asked him if they wanted to start a van life magazine with me. We could change peoples lives I told them. After getting them on board, we got to work to make something we could be proud of...something that could not only change peoples lives but change peoples mindsets. I am really excited to share this first issue with everyone and can’t wait to share future issues we haven’t written yet. 

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