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Laws suck. People always want to tell you what to do and how to live your life. Laws get put into place to try to force us to live in houses. To control us. 


These laws are not for us. They are for profit and for the people who profit off housing.


If you look at the dictionary definition for home it is simply a place where you live. 


There is nothing wrong with living in a car, van, tent or anything else you want. Well laws wont stop me from living the life I want to live.


Van Life Is Not A Crime!


The best part is these shirts are sustainably printed! 


Made in the USA out of 50% Organic Cotton and 50% recycled plastic water bottles you can be sure no sweatshops were involved and we are not supporting monsanto.


Did you hear that?! 50% organic cotton and 50% RECYCLED PLASTIC WATERBOTTLES?!?! We are supporting chemical free cotton and finding a use for trash!


Printed with water based inks and cleaned in a self contained reclaim system no chemicals are simply washed down the drain.

Van Life Is Not A Crime T Shirt

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