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Have you ever done something that was awesome but you did it in a cheap shitty way?


I had heard my buddy Brad Parker call his possessions "Shitty Sweet" and all my van builds have been pretty shitty but also pretty awesome.


Not knowing what I was doing at all and somehow putting together beds and furniture in vans I learned it doesn't have to be perfect or professional to be awesome.


Furthermore I learned it is a real thing. Wabi Sabi. The Japenese art of imperfection. 


Anyways enjoy these Shitty Awesome Shirts.


The best part is these shirts are sustainably printed! 


Made in the USA out of 50% Organic Cotton and 50% recycled plastic water bottles you can be sure no sweatshops were involved and we are not supporting monsanto.


Did you hear that?! 50% organic cotton and 50% RECYCLED PLASTIC WATERBOTTLES?!?! We are supporting chemical free cotton and finding a use for trash!


Printed with water based inks and cleaned in a self contained reclaim system no chemicals are simply washed down the drain.

Shitty Awesome Shirts

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