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How I Got a New Lease on Life

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

I'm healthy in the best shape of my life but, at 27, I felt like I was living one big fat lie.

For the last 14 months I was killing it! No Debt. Great job. Awesome friends. Nice car. "Bachelor Pad", a luxury apartment around the corner from my office. Living the dream, right?

How could it be the dream to have someone living above, below, to the left and to the right of my floors and walls??

It's crazy to think that at random moments the next door neighbors fire alarm could go off, upstairs you might hear someone moving their furniture, or that noise coming from the neighbors blaring speakers down below.

As I reflect it feels a lot different. My apartment took time to clean every week, locked me into a long contract and made it impossible to save money. My nice car couldn't take me all the places I wanted to go. It was especially embarrassing to go on camping adventures (it was so uncomfortable).

It seems like a lot of people let life pass them by...I was doing it! Just take for example that some people

  • live life in hopes of what's to come and never see what is.

  • focus to much on retirement when they are far to young.

  • give up to easily, get knocked down and never get back up.

  • pray for a new beginning rather than creating one. 

"Change doesn't happen with inaction."

An example of this can't be right in front of your eyes. I asked myself:

How am I living my life? Am I proud of it? What can I do to be a better version of me?

In little more than a week I will be saying goodbye to most of my possessions.

I already sold my car, I'm giving away most of my furniture. Time to let go. Those things made me comfortable but not happy. What do I have to lose?

At first, I thought the whole concept was a little crazy. My brother sold all his possessions 3 years ago to live in a van. I couldn't understand how or why until now.

My decision was any easy one. I didn't just buy a van, I bought a new lease on life.

Follow along on my journey as I go from luxury apartment and a Lexus IS 250 to 2006 Dodge Sprinter Van.

Follow my journey @TheVanLifeAdventure and check out my new post "How living in a van set my mind free"



A message from the Editor

“Vanning Ain’t No Joke.” This is all my friend Brad Parker said to me after showing him photos of this 1978 Dodge Tradesman 200 I was going to buy to live in. I had no idea what this meant at the time. I had no idea what I was doing. That little saying stuck in my head. I didn’t know why he had said that originally but I sure do now. Living in a van forces you outside your comfort zone. You are constantly learning and growing. You are always facing problems you have to overcome. You are always moving, always going...

Vanning definitely Ain’t No Joke!!!


After 4 years of living in a van, many people have told me they live in vans because of me or that I have changed their lives. That’s where this magazine comes from. I thought to myself. If I could change peoples lives just from living my own life and show it on Instagram then how can I do this on a bigger scale? Not only do I have tons of stories and information to share but I know lots of people who also do. 


I called my brother Neal Eisler and asked him if they wanted to start a van life magazine with me. We could change peoples lives I told them. After getting them on board, we got to work to make something we could be proud of...something that could not only change peoples lives but change peoples mindsets. I am really excited to share this first issue with everyone and can’t wait to share future issues we haven’t written yet. 

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