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Canyoneering: Yankee Doodle Canyon

Canyoneering. Ropes and a dark wet slot. What can be more fun then that.

There's a lot to know when you go canyoneering. You rappel down into canyons and you keep pulling the rope. Things could happen like the rope getting stuck. You must know how to fix these sorts of situations.

Usually once you get into the canyon and pull the rope you must continue to the end so it's a commitment of some sort depending on the size of the canyon.

Also flash flooding and hypothermia are major concerns. We were wearing 4/3mm wetsuits in this video.

Anyways I cut it down to what I thought were the exciting parts, or the parts where the video looked good. Ha.

Check out our adventure into Yankee Doodle Canyon in Leeds, Utah. Like, Subscribe and comment!



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