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Houseless Not Homeless

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

There is this major misconception in todays society of what you are supposed to live in. The government pushes us to live a certain way by putting laws into place to prevent people from living alternative lifestyles. Society also has us conditioned to think we need to pay to have certain comforts. If you do not have a permanent fixed address you are labeled homeless.

A home and a house have two very different definitions. A home can be many different things. According to the dictionary a home is simply a persons place of residence. For me its my van but there are tons of different things people call home. A house however is a certain type of home. The dictionary says a house is a building that serves as a living quarters. So in other words as long as you have a place you call home you are not homeless. Furthermore if the place you call home is not a building but something else like a boat, rv, van, tent, whatever it is you are houseless but not homeless.

I think the government and corporations, the building developers. They want to keep the perception that you must have a fixed address or you are automatically labelled as homeless. They make specific laws actually to make it more difficult to live without the fixed address. They hate the fact that people live off grid and not under their control. I have been treated less then human by cops simply because of the fact that I live in a van and not a house. In the end of the day cops are just security guards for the government. Robots more or less. All these laws against people living alternatively is all about profit and control.

The funny part is I view myself the exact opposite of being homeless. I AM A HOMEOWNER!!!!! Yay! My van is my home and I take pride in it and put money into it to make it more liveable and more comfortable and it feels great! I would much rather take $500 and put it into my van over giving it away to the landlord. Furthermore all these people paying rent and living in homes with all the rules and what not...People in an apartment can get a 3 day notice to vacate if they say lose their job and fail to pay. They can become houseless any day! Who do you consider homeless now?

The biggest and most noticeable difference between living in a vehicle and living in a house is the sense of freedom. Don't get me wrong it costs money to live. Nothing is free but there is definitely more freedom. There is a major difference between a 30 year mortgage on a house and buying an RV or camper van to live in. When you are able to find a more affordable lifestyle you are able to spend more time doing the things you want to be doing. Which brings up another funny point in which the people working the hardest to afford to live in a house are actually spending less time in their home that they work extremely hard for then someone in a vehicle. That is to say they hardly get to enjoy the house that they work hard for that they're not even in! Its crazy. Furthermore it makes absolutely no difference if your home is on wheels or on a concrete foundation or on the water even! The only people it makes a difference to is the people trying to make money off you and the people trying to control you.

All this reminds me of a saying. "Life is simple. People make it complicated."

That's what buying a house vs living in a vehicle is mainly to me. A simpler life. To me the house, the car, the job, the club the bar. It is all a big social club that is really expensive to be a member. Also I've seen the people who are a part of this club and it is not a club I want to be in.

And, you should do what makes you happy no matter what that is. My buddy Jim always said "We only know two things. We know what we are told and we know what we can figure out for ourselves." Don't be so ready to let the media and corporations and government tell you how you have to live. Figure out what makes you happy for yourself and live the life you want to live. In the end of the day you are the most important person and you have to do what makes you the happiest. Don't live your life for other people.

See why I choose to live in a van (link share below):


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